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  • Joelahtme, 74217 Harju County
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Situated just half an hour from the center of Estonia's capital city Tallinn, and only a 15-minute drive from Tallinn International Airport, the club is ideally situated and can be accessed easily from all major cities in Europe.
The Estonian Golf & Country Club landscape winds up harmoniously along the coast of the Baltic Sea and the estuary of the J├Ągala River.

Sea Course

The golfer can enjoy the 18-course Sea Course which surprises with stunning views and amazes the player with its picturesque sea view on its signature 3rd hole at the beginning of the game. Wind, water and rough play an important role in the Sea Course.

Stone Course

In addition, Estonian Club has a 9 hole track called the Stone Course, which winds through impressive rocks and historic protected areas. There are huge rocks from the Ice Age that tell the story of 5000 years of history.