Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Berhad



The Resort’s 3 unique championship golf courses are consistently ranked amongst the best in Malaysia. The US Golf Digest recognizes it as amongst the Top 7 in Malaysia and the Best in Johor. Asian Golf Monthly rates the resort as amongst the Top Three Golf Course in Malaysia 2010/2011. Tee Times, a monthly golf supplement of The New Straits Times, rated Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort as the 3rd Best Golf Course in Malaysia 2009/2010. The undulating terrain and surrounding oil palm plantation, secondary jungle and wetlands are preserved to enhance the environment, making it a sanctuary for wild life. Against this backdrop of lush green splendour provided by its award winning golf courses and coupled with fabulous recreational facilities, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort is the place where you are pampered with luxuries that are second to none.

Plantation Course

Plantation Course was designed by Max Wexler and was opened for play in November 1992. This course was designed and constructed with the priority of preserving and enhancing the natural surroundings. The area was once a thriving oil palm plantation with living quarters and houses for workers who cultivated fruit orchards and coconut groves as a means of supplementing their income. Original cultivated parts of these plantations and orchards are incorporated in the present landscape, as evident in the large number of oil palm fringing the fairways, as well as fruit trees on Holes 4, 6, 7, 14, 15 and 17 where durian, mango, jack fruit, rambutan trees and coconut palms are preserved. This course has been recognized by many professional golfers as the best golfing experience in South Malaysia. Built on a natural undulating terrain, the beauty of the 6,454 metre course is enhanced by a mosaic of plants and flowering shrubs. The fairways are turfed with Zoysia Matrella whilst Bermuda Tifdwarf is found on the greens.

Straits Course

A Golfer's Challenge Designed by Akira Mamiya and is constructed following closely to the coastline of the Straits of Johor. This exclusive 6,163 metre 18-hole course is the latest addition to the Tanjong Puteri collection, designating a more accurate playing strategy. Some of the fairways, greens and tee boxes have the mangrove swamp as their main backdrop. At Hole 2, the high tide would bring brackish water of the swamp to the edge of the fairway. The 3rd tee box overlooks a small river that meanders through the mangroves before discharging its water into the Straits. A very challenging course for the golfer who has to cope with the undulating terrain, rocky outcrops, mangroves for roughs and strong prevailing winds from the Straits.

Village Course

Work on “Village” course began in August 1994, designed by Akira Mamiya. The area originally was part of the oil palm estate with human settlements or “Kampongs” which form a part of the village hierarchy under the administration of the “Ketua Kampong” (Village Head) of Pasir Putih. These kampongs are known as Kampong Seri Aman I & II, parts of which can be seen at the fringes of holes 6, 11 & 12. A few kilometres east of Sungai Kim Kim on the west bank of Sungai Johor exists a village known as Kampong Perigi Acheh which according to history was founded in mid-17th century when the Achenes attacked the then Johor Empire. Thirteen out of the eighteen holes of the “Village” course have water bodies bordering their fairways or greens. With a blend of hills, valleys and lakes, the “Village” course’s 18-hole provides 6,414 metre of sporting and visual pleasure. Considered as a professional’s challenge course, the distinctiveness of this 18-hole is its difficulty, natural beauty and perfection of design.