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Talamore Country Club

Ambler, PA, United States


Talamore Country Club


United States

Talamore Country Club is built on the historic former estate of Governor Mckean. At its debut, Talamore was quickly heralded with “Rave Reviews” by Philadelphia Golfer and a top 25 in the state ranking. The course has a unique, low country feel as it meanders through the historic property and mature trees. With Augusta’s 14th in mind, Talamore even has its own “Eisenhower Tree” as it shaped its 6th hole around a 200 year old Sycamore tree located just off the tee. Talamore’s Southern style boardwalk bridges meander through the trees and over wetlands. #13 features a dead straight par 5 of 600 yards from the tips with skyscraper size Pines and Oaks forming a jaw dropping chute and backdrop. Centuries old Sycamores turn bright white as they shed their bark and frame the 15th green and then act as the centerpiece from the tee on the 16th hole. Adding to the flavor are over 150 towering Redwood and Cypress trees Talamore’s 18th is one of the area’s best and most scenic finishing holes. The tee shot is framed by a century old double trunk White Pine. Golden Weeping Willows act as the postcard backdrop to this majestic “go for it” par 5.

Talamore features multiple dining options including the mixed grill “Bogeys,” an adult bar/lounge called “Bunkers,” a family friendly zone with X Box called “Mckean’s” and “La Cave” for that special dining
experience. Apres golf it’s time for “Club 19” overlooking the 18th hole and its majestic pond adorned with Golden Weeping Willow trees.

In gaelic, Talamore means “land of great value.” Its great stewardship of this historic slice of Montgomery County has kept the Club true to its roots.

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